5D D Curl Premades - 0.07 Mixed Length Lashes 8-15mm (Long Stem)

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These 5D Curl Premade Lashes are made of high quality synthetic material, with long stems that offer easy and secure application. Featuring 0.07 thickness and a mix of 8 to 15mm lengths, they are perfect for creating beautiful, flawless lash looks.


Create a full-bodied effect with these high-quality silk lashes in a glue bonded premade long stem fan. Each premade fan contains 5 D Curl lashes. D Curl is one of the most upwards curving lash profiles we have, and our most popular for creating a striking 'open eye' look.

Pre-made lash fans will save your valuable time. However, you'll still be creating a full-bodied effect for your clients. 

The lashes themselves are soft and natural-looking, with an end taper and a glossy black finish. 

Available in lengths from 8mm to 15mm so you can perfectly enhance your clients' natural lash length. 

Each tray will contain only a single length of lashes 


(Long Stem)

There are 12 lines per tray 8mm to 15mm

All our lashes are premium quality VEGAN + Cruelty Free. They are very soft, fine, and silky, feels just like real minx fur but without any animals harmed!

Are our lashes real silk or mink?


Our lashes are made of PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), and 'silk' or 'mink' are just names the manufacturers have come up with to make PBT sound more appealing so our lashes are guaranteed vegan and 100% cruelty free.

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Pornthip Plangklang
Lash 5D

Love this so much handy package and easy to use will buy again