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About us

Recent additions to our product line include faster drying adhesive, a Crystal Glue Plate to keep your adhesive cool and a Lash Air Blower to help those freshly applied lashes dry quicker!

And to help with lash application styling, we have 4 different styles of Lash Map Stickers to guide you.

NZ Lashes is based in the beautiful region of Taranaki, New Zealand and prides itself on excellent customer service.

We source great quality products and have been working with our suppliers for over two years and have a trusting relationship established. We supply a currently expanding range of types and lengths of lashes as well as eyelash tools and accessories. If we don't have what you want, please contact us to suggest new products!

We accept credit card payments through PayPal (only option for orders made outside NZ) or you can pay via bank transfer from your NZ bank account.

We love to support our customers so if you'd like to be featured on our blog let us know!

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