D+ Curl Lashes - 0.05 (Single Length Trays)

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Also known as DD or U Curl Lashes. This curl profile opens the eye more than any other and is the most visible from the front. It's our most dramatic upsweep of eyelash extension and has a striking visual effect.

Use this lash extension diameter for clients with ultra-fine natural eyelashes. 

NZ Lashes are made from high quality silk lashes with a glossy black finish. A natural taper means they'll blend seamlessly with your clients' existing lashes. 

Available in lengths from 8mm to 16mm to easily match your clients' lash length. 

Each tray contains only a single length of lashes. 

12 lines per tray

All our lashes are premium quality VEGAN + Cruelty Free. They are very soft, fine, and silky, feels just like real minx fur but without any animals harmed!

Are our lashes real silk or mink?

Our lashes are made of PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), and 'silk' or 'mink' are just names the manufacturers have come up with to make PBT sound more appealing so our lashes are guaranteed vegan and 100% cruelty free.