3D D Curl Premade Fans - 0.10 (Single Length Trays)

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***Note: Please expect some shipping delays on some lengths. The earliest shipping date of 11 mm, 12mm and 13mm will be on Monday, May 10th, 2021.


Our premade fans are specially designed to reduce the time for both, the client and lash artist. You can fit more clients in a day by saving more time and using Premade Fans to fulfil your client's dream volume/full lashes!

Each premade fan contains 3D Curl lashes in a glue bonded long stem fan. The eyelash extensions themselves are made from high-quality silk with a glossy black finish. D Curl lashes open up the eye more than any other curl profile and are our most popular kind.

Also available in 3D D Curl Premade Fans - 0.07 (Single Length Trays)

Eyelash extensions are available in lengths from 8mm to 16mm

Each tray is only a single length of lashes

12 lines per tray