11 Reasons Why Lash Extensions Are Better Than Mascara

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11 Reasons Why Lash Extensions Are Better Than Mascara

      1. NO SMUDGING OR FLAKING – sleep in them, hit the gym, take a shower, go out all night…lash extensions don’t smudge the way that mascara (even the waterproof ones) do. Of course, you still need to treat your lash extensions nicely but panda eyes aren’t something you need to worry about.
      2. SNOOZING – ever had a little nap while you do your mascara? No? With lash extensions, you lie down with your eyes closed, usually with tranquil music, a blanket and the lights dimmed for at least 30 minutes. Perfect napping conditions.
      3. NO MORE BROKEN PROMISES – how many times have you bought a new mascara based on the hype around it and realised IT’S ALL LIES. It doesn’t last 12 hours, it doesn’t quadruple the length of your lashes, it doesn’t last through all of the weepy bits in Titanic and it doesn’t curl your lashes tighter than a spring. 
      4. STABBING YOURSELF IN THE EYE WITH A MASCARA WAND JUST ISN’T FUN – it makes your eyes water, mascara gets everywhere and you have to start again with a red, watery eye. Step away from the mascara brush and onto the lash extension chair/bed.
      5. TREAT YO’SELF – with lashes you get some pampering time in a way you never would with mascara. Take the time to relax and enjoy some me time.
      6. OLD MASCARA IS BAD NEWS – we’ve all read articles about how old make up can harbour germs (eew) but how many of us actually do throw away that old mascara when we should (FYI: after 3-6 months of opening)? Not something you need to worry about.
      7. NO PESKY DAILY REMOVAL – 8:00AM Apply mascara for 10 minutes. 2:00PM Top up mascara in the toilets at work when you notice your lashes are looking a bit iffy. 6:00PM Hmm, maybe another coat before you go out after work. 12:00AM Spend ages removing mascara from your lashes when all you really want to go to bed. You’re at work again in the morning when it starts again. What will you do with all of your extra free time?
      8. YOUR MOUTH CAN STAY CLOSED – seriously, why do we do that face when we apply mascara? You know the one, the open-mouth-stretch-your-cheeks-look-upwards look that just does nothing for anyone. Relaaaaaaax. With lash extensions, no-one needs to look silly.
      9. MORE TIME TO DO THE REST OF YOUR MAKE UP – with lash extensions you don’t need mascara so you can spend more time getting your cut crease 100% on point or making sure that your brows are on fleek. No more getting the rest of your make up together, only for mascara to sabotage you at the last minute by getting a dollop of black on your cheek.
      10. CUSTOMISE YOUR LOOK – want longer lashes at the outer edges? More of a curl in the middle? Fill in a patch where your natural lashes are thin? Add a little flash of subtle colour for a vibrant 3D look? Pffft, this is no job for mascara. You need lash extensions
      11. LASHES AS BLACK AS YOUR SOUL – you had high hopes for that last mascara didn’t you? You thought you’d found the holy grail for glossy, jet black lashes. Then your mascara dried and it just all looked a bit flat. Lash extensions can be any colour you want for as long as you want.

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