3 Hot Eyelash Trends To Follow This 2022

3 Hot Eyelash Trends To Follow This 2022

2021 has been a long difficult one for most lash techs and beauty professionals.

So what are the expectations for lash trends in 2022? This year will be a year of bold, striking and creative looks, especially on the eyes because we are likely using masks for a little longer so we expect to see some textures and lots of curls.

Eyelash Trend #1: Extreme Lash Lift

L Curl Lashes will have a huge comeback this year. This curl is perfect for clients with hooded, droopy eyes but can also be used on almost all eye types as it’s known for it being chic and the amazing lifting results.

L Curl will also help create an elongated eyeliner effect that would make the eyes appear wider and is perfect in achieving an extreme cat eye style.

Eyelash Trend #2: Natural Dewey Brown Lashes

A more natural eyelash look that comes with dewey natural skin and brow lamination, brown eyelash extensions will be a hot trend this year. A subtle touch brown colored lashes will add just the right amount of drama to the eyes.

Eyelash Trend #3: Wet Look Style

This lash look is pretty much in the middle of classic and volume lashes but resembles hybrids when they are wet and fluffed. A clear lash sealant would be the perfect product to add shine to eyelash extensions and helps create a protective barrier on the lashes, helping to repel dust and dirt giving you a bolder look and a maximum retention. This product goes well with lash wands to comb the lashes in between and lash primer and lash cleanser to clean and prep the eye area.

This is something that we expect to see in the lash industry this year so don’t miss out the trend. If you want to create these trendy lash looks, make sure you use only high quality lash supplies - your clients will thank you for it. And if these products are vegan friendly and sustainable, then all the better.

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