5 Ways To Keep Your Eyelash Extension Glues At Its Best During Warm Season

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5 Ways To Keep Your Eyelash Extension Glues At Its Best During Warm Season

Fact: Weather does affect the quality of your lash extension trays and adhesives.

Here are some ways on how you can keep your lash extension glues at its best during summer:

1. Look after your lash glue adhesives.
Just like the lash trays, keep your glues in a cool, dark place. Using the adhesive in a stable environment and avoiding temperature fluctuations is a must. If it is too hot or too humid, the adhesion viscosity can be altered.

2. Keep your lash glue adhesives in the proper temperature.
The best temperature for eyelash extension adhesive is between 64-77 ℉. It is also recommended to store the glue in a dark container with dry rice or a silica gel as it will help preserve the quality and keep moisture away.

3. Keep your lash glues away from oxygen.
Oxygen can diminish the life of your adhesive to too much oxygen will alter its viscosity (thickness), and essentially makes it go bad.

4. Keep the lash glue lid on tightly when you are not using it.
Never leave it opened for long periods of time. Frequently opening and closing the glues will expose it more to oxygen which will make the consistency thicker and gummy. It is always a must to keep as much oxygen out as possible, this preventing your glues from losing its quality.

5. Prolong your lash glue shelf life.
it is important to know to store the glues in the freezer, (not in the refrigerator as this will allow the moisture to get in, and badly impact the integrity of the ingredients of the glue). Before using, remember to remove the unopened glue from the freezer at least 4 hours prior to using it to allow it to settle and reach room temperature.

Hope these tips help! So ladies, take out those tweezers, check out your favorite lash glues, and enjoy summer!

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