5 Problems Girls With Short Lashes Have

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5 Problems Girls With Short Lashes Have


Spending forever on your make up
Only to look in the mirror and be distinctly unimpressed. You spent the best part of an hour using lash curlers, layering on lash primer, lash fibres, several coats of mascara, eyeliner, make up and fixing spray only to check yourself out in the mirror and just feel a little disappointed, then reach for the lash glue and strip lashes. There must be an easier way (psst…there is, it’s called lash extensions!)

Seeing kids with super-long lashes that just don’t appreciate it
This doesn’t sound like a big deal but it’s so disheartening to see little kids (usually boys) who have crazy-long lashes that even a camel would be jealous of. WHY?!! It just isn’t fair. You almost can’t help yourself commenting on them, even though you know they don’t care.


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Wasting money
It’s probably best not to think of the money you’ve wasted on over the last few years on mascaras, false lashes and products that have claimed they’ll give you supermodel lashes. They’re all probably languishing in a bin or a landfill somewhere right? Long lashed ladies can go without any mascara and not have to worry.

People worrying that you’re ill/tired
Ok, this isn’t unique to short lashes but it’s definitely a problem that girls with short lashes face. You got up late or didn’t feel like spending ages doing your make up this morning, and then have to spend an entire day fending off queries from friends and colleagues about whether you “feel ok” or if “you’re tired”. You feel almost certain that if your lashes were just a bit longer, that this wouldn’t happen as much.

Dusty eyes
People with long lashes have no idea of the evolutionary advantage they have compared with shorties. Long lashes bat away unwanted dust and debris from your eyes. They ensure that your peepers stay protected, this is something that those of us with shorter lashes don’t benefit from – if there’s dust around, it’s probably going right into your eyes.

These aren’t the biggest problems you’ll ever have but never underestimate #ShortLashStruggles – do yourself a favour and treat yourself to a full set of lash extensions, you won’t need to worry about any of these problems again. They’ll help you get ready quicker, stop being jealous of long-lashed kids, stop wasting money (on eye make up anyway), keep you looking flawless and protect your eyes.

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