7 Signs of Bad Lash Extensions

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7 Signs of Bad Lash Extensions

1. You can’t brush through your lashes easily

If combing through your lash extensions causes discomfort or snagging, it’s usually a sign that too much glue has been used and that lashes may be stuck together. This can lead to damage to your natural lashes and breakages. Brushing your lashes with a lash wand should be easy, and should be something that can be done daily without any problems.

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2. Your lash extensions irritate your eyes

Lash extensions that have been applied improperly will spin, twist and turn which not only looks unnatural but can feel uncomfortable.

3. Application “burns” your eyes

Slight eye watering during application is normal, and for some clients this happens more easily than others. Fumes “burning” your eyes during and after treatment or feeling discomfort throughout isn’t. Having lash extensions should be a pleasant and relaxing experience and the lash adhesive used should feel comfortable and not burn your eyes.

4. One length lashes

Everyone’s lashes are different and therefore lash extensions should look like a natural enhancement of the existing lash. A lash professional should consider this and use a range of lash extension lengths to avoid the “strip lash look” and ensure that your lash extensions look like something you want to keep on your eyes for weeks. One length lashes are usually a sign that your lash technician hasn’t thought about this.

5. Long and unnatural inner corners

On your natural lashes, you’ll notice the lashes in your inner corner are shorter than the rest of your lashes. Again, this should be reflected in your lash extensions. Long inner corner lashes can let your lash secret slip by looking unnatural. It could also cause discomfort or cause you to lose those corner lashes more quickly.

6. You don’t really have lash extensions at all

With some confusion in the industry and beauty therapists calling anything and everything applied to lashes “lash extensions” it’s no surprise that sometimes everything isn’t what it seems! Cluster or flare lashes are meant to be temporary and should never be applied with permanent lash glue. They’re too heavy and cause strain on the natural lash leading to breakage and infection. They also look considerably less natural than actual lash extensions. Those terrible photos that you’ve seen of lash extensions are probably improperly applied clusters or flares.

7. You don’t even get a week out of them

If your lash extensions look really sad after just a week, it probably means that you haven’t had enough applied in the first place. This means that with natural shedding, you lose lashes and if you didn’t have many applied to begin with this can make your lash extensions look sparse and unnatural.



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