8 Reasons Why Lash Extensions Are Better Than Strip Lashes

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8 Reasons Why Lash Extensions Are Better Than Strip Lashes

Obviously we’re biased, but here are our 8 reasons why we think lash extensions outshine strip lashes!  We should be educating our clients on these when they give reasons like price or time constraints on having professionally applied lash extensions, vs strip lashes applied at home: 

  1. They can be tailored to a client’s needs – whether your client wants a natural look or a glamorous one, whether they have naturally short lashes or an unusual lash line, lash extensions can be tailored to just look like a great set of natural lashes rather than falsies.

  2. They last longer – rather than having to peel them off every night and remove glue, clients can go to bed with their lashes on and (with regular maintenance of course) keep looking great for months. You can exercise, go swimming, enjoy the beach on a hot day and sleep with your lashes on. Also, we know you can reuse strip lashes but…have you ever seen how they look after a couple of weeks of daily use?

  3. Clients can just get up and go - no need to spend time applying strip lashes in the morning or layering products, lash extensions add extra convenience and save precious time each day!

  4. Relaxing – clients get some relaxation time and get to spend it laying back and being pampered. Everybody needs some me time, and we’re here to offer this while making clients look fabulous at the same time. We all have clients who fall asleep during their treatment, right?

  5. No need to carry glue around – strip lashes can become dislodged or moved which can mean constantly worrying how they look (or worse, not realising that they have moved).

  6. Less weight on the lashes – false lashes can have a heavy band or can feel heavy on the eyelid. This isn’t the case with lash extensions, you rarely feel overly aware that they’re there.

  7. They enhance rather than mask – with lash extensions we’re working to enhance what the clients already have rather than faking a look completely, meaning that it looks far less detectable than some lash styles do!

  8. Less skin irritation – one of the big differences between the two is that lash extensions are applied to each individual existing lash whereas strip lashes are applied to the skin above your eyelids. When you’re peeling them off and reapplying every day, this can lead to irritation (or even a build up of product if you’re not careful) on the skin around your eyes. Plus are you sure your strip lashes are staying clean during this time?

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