Celebrity Fans of Lash Extensions

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Celebrity Fans of Lash Extensions

There’s no doubt that the craze for lash enhancements came from celebrity culture. Here are some celebrities who are fans of getting their lash extensions professionally applied:

The Kardashians

Pretty much all of them wear lash extensions on a daily basis. They might top up with strip lashes for shoots or events but on a day to day basis, to stay looking groomed and glamorous at all times, the Kardashian girls all have their lashes professionally applied. It’s not all down to great genes!

Jennifer Lopez 

Jenny from the block loves lash extensions and was one of the first celebrities to openly admit her love for lash extensions. She prefers to wear mink lashes as they mimic the weight and feel of her natural lashes. She even likes her backing dancers to stay groomed with lash extensions to ensure that they’re always ready for the stage!


Queen B is another celebrity mink lash extension fan! Obviously she has an extremely busy lifestyle (that’s only going to get busier once those twins arrive!) and lash extensions mean that she can just get up and go to her next appointment.

Kate Middleton 

Princess Kate wears lash extensions so that she can look groomed at a moment’s notice, especially with her busy lifestyle. They give her a natural, groomed look that doesn’t look out of place in her formal duties.

Julianne Moore

She might not be the most obvious person that springs to mind when it comes to lash extensions but it just goes to show that everyone wants to look glam whilst staying low maintenance!

Eva Longoria

Eva relies on lash extensions to keep her looking photo ready at all times. Beautiful with or without make up, her lash extensions stay!

Taylor Swift

America’s sweetheart has another addition to her squad…mink lash extensions. As someone who generally projects a more wholesome, glamorous look it just goes to show that lash extensions don’t have to be obvious or look unnatural.

Katy Perry

Despite having her own range of strip lashes on the market, Katy still regularly wears lash extensions to stay looking glamorous no matter what.



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