Eyelash Extensions DO’s You Should Tell Your Clients

Eyelash Extensions DO’s You Should Tell Your Clients

One of the key and very important things to do as a lash artist is to create a good relationship with your clients and educate them on the do's and don'ts that will help serve as their guide and avoid certain common mistakes and pitfalls.

It will also help your clients enjoy your beautiful work for a longer period of time.

Here are some DO's for getting eyelash extensions:

DO ask your client if she is allergic to anything and conduct an allergy test if needed.

Your clients may have very sensitive skin and may be allergic to adhesives or even the lashes themselves, so it’s best to ask if they’ve had any allergic reactions prior to the appointment, or you can also perform a patch test.

DO tell your clients to wait for 24 hours before washing your face or getting their lashes wet.

It is very crucial not to get your client’s lashes wet during the curing period so the lash adhesives can bond well, and this will give you the maximum retention that you’ve always wanted.

DO remind your clients to clean their lashes regularly.

Some mucus and dust can pile up, especially when we don’t blink our lashes during sleep, so it’s always important to clean the eye area gently with a lash shampoo or lash cleanser to prevent it from being too oily and having lash mites.

DO tell your clients to brush their lashes regularly with a lash wand or spoolie.

Brushing the lashes with a lash wand or spoolie will help prevent the natural lashes from growing in the wrong direction.

DO stress the importance of protecting your clients' lashes from heat.

Excess exposure to sunlight can cause the lashes to dry out, break and fall out, so therefore, avoiding going out when it’s too hot outside or wearing sunglasses can help in keeping the lashes cool and intact.

DO encourage your clients to ask questions about the procedure.

It would be beneficial to make them feel valued by providing aftercare tips and products that can help them achieve maximum lash retention.

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