How Long Should a Set of Lash Extensions Last?

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How Long Should a Set of Lash Extensions Last?

There are obviously a lot of different factors to take into consideration when it comes to lash extensions and how long they should last – the experience/skills of your lash technician, your natural lash cycle, the quality of products used, your lifestyle and how well you take care of them for example.


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Typically, lash extensions should last through the full growth cycle of your natural lashes (6-8 weeks) but as your lashes aren’t all growing exactly the same at the same time you will lose some along the way so will need to top up your extensions with an infill appointment after about 3 weeks to make sure there are no gaps or missing lashes.

The best ways to keep your lashes looking good for longer is to follow the aftercare instructions you get from your lash technician to the letter. This will vary from lash type to lash type but are generally speaking will be:


  • Don’t get them wet for the first 24 hours after application
  • Keep oily make up and make up removers to a minimum – use oil free products where possible as these can weaken the glue
  • Don’t pull or twist on your lashes, pat your face dry after you wash it
  • Gently brush lashes with a lash brush to keep them looking groomed
  • Don’t tint or perm after lash application
  • Keep up with your maintenance appointments

In terms of what you can “do” with lash extensions on, there aren’t really any limits – the whole point is that they’re a semi-permanent alternative to having to apply make up and/or lashes every day. You can hit the gym or play sports, go dancing, go swimming, cry, wear oil-free make up, enjoy a hot or cold climate and even do most things that would normally be a no-no for messing up make up. Lash extensions are there to enhance your beauty and make sure that you’re always feeling your most confident in every situation.

To avoid damage and ensure that your lashes last as long as they can, it’s also extremely important to make sure that your lash technician is actually applying lash extensions and not an alternative that should only be worn for a shorter length of time (such as cluster or weekend lashes) as not only can this damage your lashes, it can also mean that they don’t last as long as you’re expecting. Price, length of time of application and the way the lashes look will be the best indicator of this – and if you’re unsure, just ask what the type of lashes you’re having applied are, any reputable lash technician should tell you this.

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