Lash Application Safety – From Adhesive to Aftercare

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Lash Application Safety – From Adhesive to Aftercare

When working with adhesive and client eyes, it’s important to ensure that safety comes first. Here are our top tips for ensuring that your client’s lash experience remains safe and comfortable:

1. Test test test (and if in doubt test again!)
A client may tell you that it’s fine, they’ve never had a reaction before when having lashes elsewhere, or you may have used the same product time and time again for different clients. That doesn’t matter – you should always patch test a new client for everyone’s peace of mind and comfort.


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2. Know your products
Make sure you know what’s in your lash adhesive and always ensure that you buy a quality lash adhesive from a reputable supplier and that you use the right eyelash tools for the job. If you get a bottle that seems weird, has excessive fumes or is different to normal, don’t use it or send it back. You’re the expert and if it doesn’t seem right it probably isn’t. Ensure that adhesive is kept fresh, stored correctly at all times and that you use the right amount of product for application. Medical grade lash adhesives – which are what should be used for lash extensions – generally have a Cyanoacrylate base which is used in its purest form in healthcare.

3. Keep clean
Obviously when dealing with eyes, hygiene is extremely important so always ensure that your hands, working area and tools are sanitised between clients. Know and feel confident about understanding contra-indications – don’t be afraid to speak up if a client’s eyes are not in suitable condition to have a lash treatment.

4. Stop
If a client complains about being uncomfortable or experiencing problems during application, stop and find out more. Know and understand what to do in the unlikely event of an allergic reaction or problem with lash application.

5. Aftercare advice
It’s essential that you provide a client with the right information to - not only keep their lash extensions looking great – protect their eyes and surrounding skin from any problems. Speak to your clients and ensure that they know what to do.

6. Proper removal
Incorrect removal can cause damage, eye infections and discomfort. Advise your clients of proper removal procedures and that they should never pull their lash extensions off themselves. It’s definitely worth investing in a Gel Adhesive Remover if you haven’t already for the times when you need to remove a client's set.

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