Lash Salon Tips to Help Your Business During Covid-19

Lash Salon Tips to Help Your Business During Covid-19

Many of you may be very worried about the implications the pandemic to your salons, as we know, personal interaction is really very critical to this industry, and you can’t provide services without having any physical or direct contact with your clients.

Because of this, we thought of sharing with you some tips on how you can keep your business running smoothly and safely during this time of pandemic.

1. Keep your salons clean. It is a must to make sure you and all your staff are putting cleanliness front and center for your clients, so they always feel your salon is a safe place. Sterilize your tools, sanitize and disinfect the surfaces in between sessions, and offer hand sanitizers to your clients.

2. Streamline your operations. You all want to give our clients the best experience despite the current situation, so you need to streamline your operations generally. Ensure you have the proper scheduling and appointment slots set to ensure you’ll still have time to clean the between sessions.

3. Go virtual whenever you can and eliminate unnecessary contact.
 Try to eliminate the waiting room as much as possible and implement a virtual check-in. Send forms and waivers to clients for them to fill out prior to the appointment so there wouldn’t be a need for them to fill it out physically before their appointment.

4. Sell retail items. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to stock up on some items you can offer to your customers like lash cleansers, lash wands, aftercare kits, and if you have an online store, go sell it there! As long as you have enough supplies, your customers will surely bring the demand.

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