Managing Expectations with Lash Extension Clients

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Managing Expectations with Lash Extension Clients

We’ve all had clients in our beauty room who have unrealistic expectations of what they can achieve from their treatment and it’s important that as professionals, lash technicians manage these expectations and educate their clients to avoid confusion later on.

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Clients who want lash extensions that are unsuitable for their own lashes

Can’t you make them a lot longer?
Oh I want them as long/thick/curly as they can be.

If you’ve been a lash technician for a while you will probably have heard these two statements before. As a lash technician we need to explain that there are limitations to lash extensions and that if they want lash extensions that last and look good, their natural lashes dictate this slightly and lashes that are too curly, long or thick just won’t look good for very long and could even damage the natural lashes.

Luckily we stock a range of different lash lengths and styles to suit the most picky of clients and ensure that you have the right styles for their natural lashes.

Clients who don’t follow aftercare instructions

There are clients who expect to not follow any aftercare recommendations for their lashes and still look perfect. They want to pull their extensions off, use oily make up and removers, not comb their lashes or take care when washing. It’s up to us to educate these clients on the importance of aftercare to maintain the longevity of their lashes.

Clients who expect to only have their lashes done every few months

Sometimes clients assume (wrongly) that semi-permanent lash extensions last for months with no intervention and as we know, this isn’t the case. The lash growth cycle is usually 30-45 days with lashes at different places within this cycle throughout. Explain to your clients that they will lose some natural lashes each month and if they have lash extensions then these will fall out too – it’s just part of lash growth so there will be infill appointments needed throughout.

The client who thinks lash extensions are so expensive

Lash extensions are a specialist service that require a certain level of skill, expertise and time. There is also an investment in training and stock on an ongoing business. Like any specialist service, there is a trade off for the level of expertise that you receive and the cost. The best results come from an experienced lash technician who takes time to apply the correct lashes to a client and this knowledge doesn’t always come cheap, but it does usually represent best value!

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