More Ways to Use Under Eye Pads

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More Ways to Use Under Eye Pads


Here at NZ Lashes, we are all about being resourceful. So, we got to thinking of how our Under Eye Pad collection can be used for more than just lash extensions.

  • Take a pair of the gel pads home and keep them on hand for after a long day. Pop them under your eyes and enjoy the Vitamin E and Aloe moisturising treatment!
  • What about waking up and relieving tired eyes? They work then just as well. You might find they help any under-eye circles too.
  • Wear them while applying eye makeup to prevent any makeup from getting under your eyes. Then your eye shadow will only be visible on your eyelids instead of it dusting under your eyes.
  • Use them when tinting eyelashes!
  • Give your clients an eye treat when doing their facial.

What are the other ways that you make use of under eye pads? Do you step outside of the lash extension zone with them?

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