Myth Busting: Lash Extensions

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Myth Busting: Lash Extensions


We explore some of the most common misconceptions about lash extensions.

MYTH: They damage your natural lashes
TRUTH: Properly applied lash extensions, by a trained professional using quality products shouldn’t cause damage to your natural lashes. You will lose some natural lashes during the normal lash growth cycle – this would happen anyway without lash extensions – and lose the extensions attached to them but properly applied lashes shouldn’t pull or damage your own lashes in any way. One of the most common causes of damage is improper removal, lashes should always be removed in salon by a professional. Pulling your lash extensions to remove them or not keeping up with proper maintenance is likely to cause damage to your natural lashes, so it’s important to look after your extensions.

MYTH: Getting lash extensions is painful
TRUTH: Getting lash extensions applied by a professional, using quality products, should definitely not be painful or uncomfortable. The glue shouldn’t sting or hurt your eyes and you shouldn’t be in any discomfort. Done correctly, getting lash extensions can be a relaxing experience. A reputable lash technician should always do a patch test on you prior to your lashes being applied to test for any allergies or problems ahead of time.


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MYTH: They can cause damage to your eyes
TRUTH: As we’ve outlined earlier – a trained professional using quality products should be safe for your eyes. Applied correctly, lash extensions shouldn’t affect your eyes at all. You will have your eyes closed and extensions will only be applied externally to your natural lashes. Taking proper care of your lash extensions will also ensure that your eyes are not affected in any way.

MYTH: Lash extensions are high maintenance
TRUTH: Ok, we hold our hands up, there is some maintenance that goes alongside lash extensions. You’ll need to have regular maintenance appointments every 2-4 weeks to get lash infills (similar to how you’d need to get infills if you had acrylic nails) and there are some rules to follow depending on what type of lash extensions you have which your lash technician will tell you about. But, there’s also no need to apply eye make up every day, or remove eye make up every day. There’s no fiddly daily application and whether you’re waking up, going on holiday, going to a special event or exercising, your lashes will still be there looking gorgeous!

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