Having Trouble Making Perfect Volume Fans for Your Clients?

Having Trouble Making Perfect Volume Fans for Your Clients?

As a lash artist, one of the most important skill that you learn is creating handmade fans and getting used to maneuvering the tiny lashes which takes a lot of talent and practice.

Here are some tips on how to troubleshoot some common problems that prevent you, as lash techs from creating good volume fans for your clients.

Use good quality lashes with consistent curls and tackier strips.

Look for a brand where there is consistency with the curls and choose trays with tackier strip rather than the less tacky ones. It will help the fan you are creating to stay in place as you move your tweezers and work the base of the lashes to create a perfect fan as you spread them open.

Find a tweezer that works for you. A fanning tweezer is highly recommended.

A good pair of tweezers has to have a zero gap between the metal when you pinch the tip together. A perfect fanning and remade fan tweezers is the Vetus 6A-SA. The tweezers has to clasp perfectly together so make sure they close front he tip to the back of the metal.

Look for a glue that is not too thick.

Your glue has to always be quick drying with low viscosity and on the runnier side. Using a glue that is slow drying will make the fans you are creating close and stick together before it even dries out.

However, if you’re still struggling creating handmade volume fans, then you might want to consider and look into using premade volume fans. 

Our premade fans are specially designed to reduce the time for both, the client and lash artist. You can fit more clients in a day by saving more time and using premade fans to fulfil your client's dream volume/full lashes. 

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