Short Stem vs Long Stem Premade Fans: What's the Difference?

Short Stem vs Long Stem Premade Fans: What's the Difference?

In the lash world, there are actually two main types of premades and as lash techs, you should figure out what kind of lashes you like and are more comfortable with, then decide which method is best for your client.

Long stem premade fans is easier to use and great for beginners.

They are more forgiving than short stem fans in terms of isolation and placement, so if you are newer to volume lashing, we recommend you start with long stem fans.

Short stem premade fans creates a more naturally fuller look. 

Although the short stem is generally harder to use, it creates a much fuller and grander final effect, and can be used to create piggyback volume lashes (when one eyelash extension is placed on top of another instead of directly on the natural lash). This can be useful when working with extremely thick clients' lashes to prevent overloading them.

Short stem fans can also be created by pinching the extensions from both sides or from one side and they are less prone to bending out of shape than long stem fans.

If a noticeable line is visible after lashing, I recommend you try the short stem premade fan.

Your choice still depends on the client's natural eyelashes and your personal preference as a lash artist

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