Stunning Lashes Without the Effort

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Stunning Lashes Without the Effort

If you're like me, you are usually a multi-tasking maven, juggling many things at once - and this doesn't leave a lot of time for doing make-up! I know mascara isn't a big time commitment but really, if I'm running out the door there are a few other things I'm doing before I get as far as mascara, not to mention lash curling or strip lashes!

So I think lash style is a great chance to consider, in the words of Homer Simpson, "Can't someone else do it?"

The great thing is that, this time, the answer is most definitely YES! I would never take on a DIY project like this. I would find my most lash-styley friend and ask her where she gets hers done then head straight there.

After reading this article by Nadine Head-Gordon, I'm even more convinced that it's a perfect treat for those of us that really like our make-up to last more than a day!

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