The Importance of Choosing a High-Quality Fanning Lash Tweezers

The Importance of Choosing a High-Quality Fanning Lash Tweezers

Having a separate dedicated tweezers for volume lashes and fanning is really important, but having the type of volume lash tweezers that have the best shape for your preferences is not the only factor you need to consider, but you also need to shop for lash tweezers that are premium and high quality.

Lash techs would excessively use the tweezers so if you are using low quality ones, then there is a tendency for it to wear out and go dull eventually. When it happens, you will need to spend the time to sharpen the tip to bring it back to its original brand new shape.

So it’s always best to invest on high quality tweezers so you won’t need to do sharpening or get it replaced.

Be sure to take time to do a research in finding a reputable lash supplier with a reliable website and good positive reviews to make sure your purchase will be worth it and your new fanning tweezers would last for a very long time.

So what makes up a good pair of tweezers?

A good pair of tweezers has to have a zero gap between the metal when you pinch the tip together. A perfect fanning and remade fan tweezers is the Vetus 6A-SA. 

The tweezers has to clasp perfectly together so make sure they close front he tip to the back of the metal.

If you want to save time creating fans manually, then It will go perfectly well together with Premium High Quality Premade Fans.

NZ Lashes premade fans are specially designed to reduce the time for both, the client and lash artist. You can fit more clients in a day by saving more time and using premade fans to fulfil your client's dream volume/full lashes. 

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