Top Tips for Lash Extension Application

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Top Tips for Lash Extension Application

Before you start applying lashes on paying clients you need to ensure that you’ve had the right training, that you’re using quality lash extension products, and that you’re fully insured. You also need to have put in the practice to ensure that you feel confident and at ease with working so closely with a client (and their eyes).

With this in mind, it’s always good to have a little refresher from time to time so we’ve put together our top tips for applying lash extensions – these are by no means comprehensive and always refer to your lash training if in doubt:


1. Apply under-eye stickers or pads
Make your life easier by ensuring that top and bottom lashes stay separate with under-eye lash stickers/pads – these will also make it easier to see where you’re applying and avoid lashes adhering where they’re not wanted. Ensure the sticker is placed over the lower lashes, about 3-4mm from the lower lash line.
2. Choose your extensions ahead of time
Prepare your workspace and make sure you have everything you need to hand – including different styles and lengths of extension for a more natural look.
3. Pick ‘em up
Spread lashes out on your lash pad for quick pick up, and ensure that your adhesive ring is topped up. Make sure you have good quality tweezers and that you’re picking up in the right way.
4. Dipping
Don’t be too heavy handed with the glue or you risk making it more difficult to apply lashes evenly. You also don’t want excess glue dripping and looking messy or being uncomfortable for your client. However you do need to ensure that there is enough adhesive at the base of your extension. If you feel like you’ve dipped too much wipe any excess from the lash before application.
5. Isolate
Depending on your application method, you will usually want to isolate your client’s individual natural lash and coat with adhesive with no gaps before attaching.
6. Set
Set the extension on the last lash about 0.5-1mm from the eyelid. When you release, the lash should face upwards and be in line with other lashes. No beads of glue should be visible and you shouldn't touch the extension once it has been set – move to another area or an opposite eye to avoid bumping a newly applied lash.
7. Separate
No two extensions or natural lashes should be stuck together. Use tweezers to separate any extensions or lashes that are stuck – best done when adhesive is dry but not fully set. Never pull on the lashes!
8. Give aftercare advice
Ensure that your clients have all of the appropriate information and tools that they need to ensure that their lashes stay looking lovely.

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