What is the Difference in Lash Curls?

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What is the Difference in Lash Curls?

When you find an eyelash has fallen on your cheek and you put it on your fingertip to remove it, do you ever stop to look at how it curls?

Of course because humans are unique beings, there are all types of lash shapes, thicknesses and sizes. So that our customers can replicate as many of these natural differences as they can, we offer a wide selection of shapes in our range. You do want to choose lashes that resemble your client's natural lashes so that they adhere nicely.

This illustrates the spectrum of lashes - we carry J Curl, C, D and L. We also carry Y but they are not on this chart!

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J and C curls are popular options as they have a more subtle curl than the D curls do. Some people getting extensions really want a wow so a D curl can provide an extremely curly look - if their natural lashes can take this shape. You want to make sure there's enough base support for the lashes you choose for your clients. For instance, an L curl works for straighter lashes as it has a pronounced curve to lift the lashes look up.

Often we find that using a blend of lengths, thicknesses and curls to suit your client's natural look is the best bet. That way if they have super straight lashes but do want a bit of pop, you can blend them in with different styles to suit.

What are your favourite curls? Do you tend to mix curls or just use one? We'd love to hear about it. Head over to our Facebook page to tell us about it!

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