What Makes the Ellipse Lashes Different?

What Makes the Ellipse Lashes Different?


The shape at the base of the ellipse lash makes all the difference when compared to normal lashes. They are also referred to as flat lashes because of their shape.

A normal lash extension is round at the base and human eyelashes are also round. This means that due to the shape, even more glue sometimes can't help them adhere any better.

With an ellipse lash, the base has a concave indentation on either side which makes it match up with human eyelashes much better. There is more surface area for glue and the curve of the ellipse lash nestles snugly into the natural eyelash.

shape of natural lash with normal lash extension   shape of ellipse lash extension and natural eyelash

If you're finding that normal lash extensions just aren't working well for you, try out ellipse lashes and notice the difference! We stock them in size 0.15 from 8 - 16mm so try some today.

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