Why Do Our Clients Want Lash Extensions?

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Why Do Our Clients Want Lash Extensions?

We spoke to a long time lash client to find out her motivations for getting lash extensions – by understanding our clients and learning more about what they want we can make sure that they’re happy.

Lucy is 30 and has been getting semi-permanent lash extensions

My own lashes are short. Really short. Mascara doesn’t really make a difference – I can spend 30 minutes+ applying mascara just for my lashes and at the end they don’t look very different. Fibre mascaras just make them look really clumpy and take forever to remove. I’ve tried various growth serums and they don’t seem to do much for me. I can’t even get my lashes permed or curl them properly.

I’ve been an advocate of strip lashes for years (even before they were quite as mainstream/popular as they are now) but putting them on and taking them off every day is tiresome and can end up being expensive. I love the look of long, fluttery lashes. For me they’re a huge confidence boost and instantly make me look and feel at least 100% better.

So when individual lash extensions started hitting the scene a few years ago, I was all over it. I’ve tried everything from cheap sets that last 2 weeks to more expensive, bespoke lash enhancements that make it look like you have great natural lashes.

It saves me time in the morning, looks way better than my own lashes with mascara ever have done and just makes me feel more confident, especially as the job I have involves quite a bit of travel and meeting new people.

The other thing that I like is that it’s actually quite a relaxing treatment to have, lying or sitting down with your eyes closed and having a chat to your therapist. They laugh at me at work sometimes when I go for a lash appointment over lunch as quite often I fall asleep – when I tell my colleagues this, they find it pretty amusing that I spent my lunch break having a nap (and getting my lashes done, of course!)

It isn’t a cheap habit to have by any means but I don’t get my nails done and have recently gone au naturel with my hair colour, so getting my lashes is my little treat every few weeks. I firmly believe that you get what you pay for, I’ve nearly always had a better experience when I’ve paid more for lashes.

It isn’t a cheap treatment by any means but because of this it means I’m pretty devoted to my aftercare and making sure my lashes look their best.

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